Alphas and Aces Series, writing as Jessica Vee

jack-hamilton-9SewS6lowEU-unsplashAbout the ‘Alphas and Aces’ series

Every Thursday night, the Alphas of Arlington gather in a converted barn for a weekly poker game, where they drink beer, talk shit, and try their hardest to steal each other’s money

Week after week, ten sworn small-town bachelors — a firefighter, a cop, a rancher, a veteran, a landscaper, an EMT, a mechanic, a construction manager, a lumberjack, and a motorcycle club president — focus on the cards in their hands and do their damnedest to ignore the needs of their hearts.

This series tells the stories of how one by one, each of these alphas fails to do just that…

Each book is a standalone story, full of romance and heat. No cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Meet Ryan, the cranky, wounded firefighter pining for his first love
2 - His big bet cover
Meet Robbie, the cop who lusts after his best friend’s sister
3 -Ready to Raise cover
Meet Lucas, the growly rancher who resists his new big-city consultant … until he can’t.
Cover - Ready to Buy In
Coming soon… Meet Jackson, the solitary veteran who’s about to have his world turned upside down by a much younger woman…

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