Sweetness meets spice in “The Summer I Saw You”

The Summer I Saw You, Book 4 in Jess Vonn’s ‘Love by the Seasons’ series (a novella), is now available on Amazon and all other major retailers. 

Create space cover SISY final

Evie Finnegan’s marriage has officially imploded, and though no one is surprised about this given her soon-to-be-ex husband’s lack of character, that doesn’t exactly help her know what to do with her newly single life. A mother to three, Evie had her first child at 17, which means that at no time as an adult has she actually had any real say in the trajectory of her life. She loves her job as a server at the local Bloomsburo diner, but she’s not sure it’s her calling. She’s even less certain about how to handle the bubbly, overwhelming thoughts and feelings and longings her boss Jack is suddenly inspiring in her.

Jack Dewey dreams of expanding the family diner into something truly special, but for the time being, it serves as a comfortable place to hide, to perfect his pancakes, and to put off progress in other aspects of his life: sex, romance, and what to do about the fact that he’s been in love with his married employee for years. An unexpected turn of events finds Evie tagging along on Jack’s work trip out of town, and the charged proximity fans his long-hidden sparks of desire into flames. The new city lacks any of the constrictions of the small town life Jack and Evie live every day. There, anything is possible, and in pursuing the bucket lists of their hearts and their bodies they unleash something stronger than either could have anticipated. But can they hold onto that getaway magic when they return to the non-glamorous realities of their day-to-day lives?

Pick it up today on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and more. OR, start at the top of the series with book one, “A Time To Fall,” which is still available for free on all major retailers!

REVISED FINAL book cover WMIWFinal create space cover front page onlyWhen Jess Vonn isn’t writing romance novels, she’s reading them (way past her bedtime.) She writes spicy but romantic books with sexy, playful men and quirky, funny women and wonderful groups of “found friends.” She’s the author of the smalltown  “Love by The Seasons” series. Her books are available on Amazon, and via Kindle Unlimited. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! She’s on TikTok, too, though in all fairness, she has no idea what she’s doing on there…

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