About “A Time to Fall”
Book 1, Love by the Seasons series

After an unfortunate discovery involving her boyfriend and a blonde and a glass-walled shower, Winnie Briggs is bolting from her Chicago-based life in search of a fresh start as the editor of rural Bloomsburo’s newspaper. Winnie’s only desire is to put all of her energy into her writing — well, that and to officially retire her lady parts in an act of self-defense.

Unfortunately, as scandal unfolds in her new community, her closest ally comes in the form of delicious-smelling Chamber of Commerce director Cal Spencer, who also happens to be the son of Winnie’s benevolent (if meddling) landlady. Cal is a serial non-committer, yet his electric attraction to Winnie’s curves and quirks has him contemplating breaking his iron-clad commitment to never mix work with pleasure.

The couple’s sexual chemistry escalates alongside the town’s drama, leaving them wondering: can they survive the fall with their jobs, their hearts, and their pledges of non-commitment intact?

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About “Warm Me in Winter”
Book 2, Love by the Seasons series

To an outsider, Carter Conrad has been doing an excellent impression of a man living a full life. He’s the respected chief of police for the small Midwestern town of Bloomsburo, and he’s appreciated as a loving son, a good brother and a reliable friend. But the truth behind his charming smile and easy manner is that since an unfathomable personal tragedy struck his world two years ago, his every relationship has been forever altered and he’s been merely going through the motions of his life.

The arrival of a beautiful ballerina seeking refuge from her own troubles changes all that. Apparently no one told Bree Bast that the community status quo was to handle the town’s most eligible widower with kid gloves and pitiful glances. Instead, she sees him for the brawny, sexy, complicated man that he is and her unabashed desire for him slowly reawakens something within him he’d long thought dead. As the couple’s mid-winter flames burn hot enough to melt them both, Carter and Bree find themselves forced to consider if they’re willing to alter their assumptions about who they are, what they want, and what they have to offer another.

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About “Spring Me Ahead”
Book 3, Love by the Seasons series

Given his history with addiction and the pain it brought to the people he loves most, Wyatt Clayton has convinced himself he is thoroughly undeserving of anything resembling a normal life. He works endlessly in his wood shop, he checks in with his grandparents to spare them from needless worrying, and he keeps his head down, avoiding any real connection to his tight-knit Midwestern hometown of Bloomsburo as he continues the daily work of recovery. That’s it.

When Esme Garcia arrives in Bloomsburo for a brief stint as a traveling medical professional, her goals are simple: to strengthen her therapy skills and to prove that she can, in fact, survive outside the deep ties of her extended family in New Mexico. Though she feels well-prepared for any professional hurdle that may come along, she has little by way of defense against the likes of surly and sexy Wyatt Clayton. His raw, untapped sexual energy, mixed with his seeming ability to read her mind, leaves Esme more vulnerable — and more hungry — than she’d known herself capable of being.

When her mother shows up unexpectedly in Bloomsburo, ready to meet the boyfriend Esme made up (who may or may not bear an uncanny resemblance to a certain aloof woodworker) Esme realizes she’s in deeper than she could ever admit. Though she tries her hardest to resist, there’s something about Bloomsburo’s moody recluse that reaches right in to fan her lady flames and grab her reluctant heart.

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About “The Summer I Saw You”
Book 4, Love by the Seasons series (a novella)

Evie Finnegan’s marriage has officially imploded, and though no one is surprised about this given her soon-to-be-ex husband’s lack of character, that doesn’t exactly help her know what to do with her newly single life. A mother to three, Evie had her first child at 17, which means that at no time in her adult life has she actually had any real say in the trajectory of her life. She loves her job as a server at the local Bloomsburo diner, but she’s not sure it’s her life’s calling. She’s even less certain about how to handle the bubbly, overwhelming thoughts and feelings and longings her boss Jack is suddenly inspiring in her. 

Jack Dewey dreams of expanding the family diner into something truly special, but for the time being, it serves as a comfortable place to hide, to perfect his pancakes, and to put off progress in other aspects of his life: sex, romance, and what to do about the fact that he’s been in love with his married employee for years. An unexpected turn of events finds Evie tagging along on Jack’s work trip out of town, and the charged proximity fans his long-hidden sparks of desire into flames. A new city lacks any of the constrictions of the small town life Jack and Evie live every day. There anything is possible, and in pursuing the bucket lists of their hearts and their bodies they unleash something stronger than either could have anticipated. But can they hold onto that getaway magic when they return to the non-glamorous realities of their day-to-day lives?

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