First comes loathing, then comes lust…

Spring Me Ahead, Book 3 in Jess Vonn’s ‘Love by the Seasons’ series, is now available on Amazon

Create space cover only SMFGiven his history with addiction, and the pain it brought to the people he loves most, Wyatt Clayton has convinced himself he is thoroughly undeserving of anything resembling a normal life. He works endlessly in his wood shop, he checks in with his grandparents to spare them from needless worrying, and he keeps his head down, avoiding any real connection to his tight-knit Midwestern hometown of Bloomsburo as he continues the daily work of recovery. That’s it.

When Esme Garcia arrives in Bloomsburo for a brief stint as a traveling medical professional, her goals are simple: to strengthen her therapy skills and to prove that she can, in fact, survive outside the deep ties of her extended family in New Mexico. Though she feels well-prepared for any professional hurdle that may come along, she has little by way of defense against the likes of surly and sexy Wyatt Clayton. His raw, untapped sexual energy, mixed with his seeming ability to read her mind, leaves Esme more vulnerable — and more hungry — than she’d known herself capable of being.

When her mother shows up unexpectedly in Bloomsburo, ready to meet the boyfriend Esme made up (who may or may not bear an uncanny resemblance to a certain aloof woodworker) Esme realizes she’s in deeper than she could ever admit. Though she tries her hardest to resist, there’s something about Bloomsburo’s moody recluse that reaches right in to fan her lady flames and grab her reluctant heart.

REVISED FINAL book cover WMIWFinal create space cover front page onlyWhen Jess Vonn isn’t writing romance novels, she’s reading them (way past her bedtime.) She writes spicy but romantic books with sexy, playful men and quirky, funny women and wonderful groups of “found friends.” She’s the author of the smalltown  “Love by The Seasons” series. Her books are available on Amazon, and via Kindle Unlimited. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! She’s on TikTok, too, though in all fairness, she has no idea what she’s doing on there…

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