Fall in love with ‘A Time to Fall’ by Jess Vonn

book cover ATTF-01A Time to Fall, book one of Jess Vonn’s “Love by the Seasons” series, is available on AmazoniBooksKobo, and Barnes and Noble. 

If you were to dig out the to-do list from beneath the clutter covering Winnie Briggs’ desk at the newspaper where she works, it’d probably read something like this:

  • Politely inform Esther Hoffman that you will not be writing a feature story about her abnormal squash
  • Cupboards are bare: Pick up some Pop-Tarts for dinner!
  • Figure out what on earth is happening with this absentee mayor
  • Do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE make contact with your landlady’s criminally sexy son

Told through a dual perspective, A Time to Fall is Vonn’s debut novel, and the first in a series about three childhood friends living in a small Midwestern town. After an unfortunate discovery involving her boyfriend and a blonde and a glass-walled shower, Winnie Briggs is bolting from her Chicago-based life in search of a fresh start as the editor of rural Bloomsburo’s newspaper. Winnie’s only desire is to put all of her energy into her writing—well, that and to officially retire her lady parts in an act of self-defense.

Unfortunately, as scandal unfolds in her new community, her closest ally comes in the form of delicious-smelling Chamber of Commerce director Cal Spencer, who also happens to be the son of Winnie’s benevolent (if meddling) landlady. Cal is a serial non-committer, yet his electric attraction to Winnie’s curves and quirks has him contemplating breaking his iron-clad commitment to never mix work with pleasure. The couple’s sexual chemistry escalates alongside the town’s drama, leaving both of them wondering if they can survive the fall with their jobs, their hearts, and their pledges of non-commitment intact.

Create space cover only SMFREVISED FINAL book cover WMIWJess Vonn is the author of the “Love by The Seasons” series. Her first two books, A Time to Fall and Warm Me in Winter, are available on AmazoniBooksKobo, and Barnes and Noble. Her third book publishes in Summer 2018. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and join her reader group!

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